Monday, 13 May 2013

The Correction Collection

Hello folks!

This post is to draw your kinky attention to the work of my good friend Mike who is a regular attendee of my Bottoms Up parties.  He is a maker of fine CP equipment and has shown me and other a broad range at the parties, many of which I even have first hand experience of!  I do love what he does and the pieces I have are wonderful and go down a treat with those I see in session!  Here is what Mike has to say about his site:

Welcome to OUCH.UK.COM … the website that showcases the Correction Collection of hand crafted leather and wood products. Everything is made in the UK from the finest leather and wood available, and is individually crafted to a beautiful finish .. unlike the normal mass produced inferior products widely available on the internet. If an implement has historical attachments, we endeavour to manufacture to the original specifications, creating a piece of history for your collection. 

We have our 'standard' range of products, but because we craft our implements on an item-by-item basis, we are happy to talk about any 'special' items that our customers might require. 

We invite you to browse our website, and because we update regularly … please call back regularly.

Click on the banner below to take a look at the site, which I thoroughly recommend.

Enjoy folks!


MarQe said...

These look fabulous! I have a cane made for me via JanusWorldwide but those paddles look awesome!! I'll add this to my links ... Thanks! x

Mike said...

Hi MarQe
Yes it was me who made your cane
Im pleased you like my paddles as well
Look forward to speaking in the near future
Kind Regards

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Marqe - Oh do. Great implements to be had from here.

mk said...

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