Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Domestic discipline

Hello folks, I am sorry this site has been a bit quiet of late but I have had much going on in my non scene life and my other career has been taking up far more of my time.  Anyway, you don't come here to read about that side of me so I shall move on.

I guess my biggest change though, in terms of the scene, is a new lifestyle where domestic discipline is the primary role.  Obviously the pair of us 'play' as well, just for fun but I am punished for real misbehaviour within our lives.  Now this could be anything from not obeying a simple request to something really quite serious.  Naturally the punishment always matches the crime, and I have always felt this to be fair.  So why do I feel so happy and loved in such a situation, which on the surface seems controlling?  It is because I am loved and all the guidelines are discussed with me.  It may surprise those not in the know but I was not forced into this and I have never felt happier.  In fact my eyes have been opened somewhat to the more unpleasant side of the scene and to just how transient 'friends' can be when you can no longer be of use to them, but that is a different post!

In many ways nothing has changed, I still play with others, I still do all my Leia activities, so most of you will not notice a thing!

I don't plan on sharing this side of me in intimate detail on here so will not be sharing these scene experiences with you folks as I do others but I can tell you I am kept well in line and rarely does a day pass that I am not smacked on my delectable bottom!

Photo:  John Tisbury


EnglishJeff said...

Provided you do no harm, both to others and your self, and you don't scare the horses: Live the life that makes you happiest. :-)

Unknown said...

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jack said...

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