Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Bottoms Up 8th September

Hello folks!  Just letting you know the next date is announced and is 8th September.  This is the usual format, not my switch version (Bottoms up Both Ways).  We are going back to school this September and our ladies are certainly racking up the punishments even though the school has only just broken up for the summer.  It would seem none of the sixth form know or even care that they are representing the school even when they are off school property.  The ladies in trouble thus far are:

Miss Woods:

Miss Reece:

Miss Kandy:

There is no doubt that more ladies will get themselves into trouble between now and September so do check the website www.bottomsupspanking.com for details.  I am away now until 6th August but I am reachable by email if you wish to book your Governor's place on bottomsupspanking@hotmail.co.uk.  My parties are almost always over-subscribed so please don't delay your booking if you wish to come!

I am also reachable by email on leia_ann_woods@hotmail.co.uk if you wish to book spanking 1-2-1 fun with me after the 6th August, so do feel free to send me your thoughts and any role-play ideas you may have!  If you need inspiration I have been posting stories up this year so do check my older posts.  I hope to hear from you and hope to be in for some good olde fashioned discipline upon my return from Spain.

Leia xxx

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