Monday, 5 June 2017


I am in deep trouble.  I have been repeatedly caught smoking and my bad habit has set light to a bin by the kitchens, damaging school property.  Outside the Headmaster's office I just know I am for the high jump, but it is too late.  Nothing I can do but wait and face the music.

Finally, I hear his voice boom 'ENTER!' from within his expansive office.  Although I am afraid of what will happen I am almost relieved that the wait is now finally over.  I have been punished by the headmaster and he is a firm believer that no girl should have the privilege of keeping her panties up and no girl shall leave the office without having received a severe thrashing combined with a thoroughly humiliating experience.  That way the perpetrator will think twice before stepping out of line in future.  Today I was to suffer this fate.

I silently enter the office and loiter by the door in a desperate hope that I would remain invisible.  This of course does not work.  The headmaster orders me to stand before him and to tuck the back of my skirt into the waistband.  I feel exposed now but my situation is about to get far worse.

'Lower your underwear to your thighs', the Headmaster barks at me.  I bite my lip but do as I am asked.   Already I am regretting my actions and he has not even begun.  My bare bottom exposed to him, the headmaster unleashes a tirade of a lecture upon my ears.  I am a sixth-former, I should know better and I certainly should not find myself in his office stood before him with my panties at my thighs awaiting punishment.  I had nothing to say in reply; I wanted to cry but held back the tears....I had no doubt that I would be crying when I was bent over for my punishment.  The headmaster sat on a chair placed in front of his desk and called me over.

'Bend over.'  He took me over one of his knees, leaving the other leg to hold me in place if I kicked out.  I had suffered this humiliating pose before.  'Nose to the floor.'  I did as asked and was horrified to find this new addition to his methods pushed my bottom further in the air, exposing it to the punishment that was about to come.  He began to spank me.  Oh my!  It was hard!  It was not long before I was wriggling around and crying out.  'Keep that nose to the floor young lady,' said the headmaster as he locked his free leg over mine, both to hold me in place and raise my bottom even further in the air.  I could not believe I had ended up in such a position at my age!  The spanking continued, but even harder than before.  I cried out even louder but it was to no avail.  The man meant business and I was not going anywhere until I had been thoroughly punished.

Finally, the spanking ended, but that was not the end of my detention.  Far from it.
'Fetch me the plimsole,' order the headmaster.  I did as I was told.  I did not want to add anything extra to my woes.  'Back in position.  Nose to the floor.'  I reluctantly bent over.  This time the headmaster took no chances and locked his leg over mine immediately.  I soon discovered why.  The pain!  so many strokes and no matter how much I cried out the headmaster just continued to rain down on my exposed and now very sore bottom.  At this rate I would not be sitting for a week.  It was nothing I did not deserve, however.

'Up.'  barked the headmaster.  'Bend over my desk.'  The headmaster fetched a rather terrifying looking cane and swished it in the air.  I cringed, but stayed put.  My bottom was on fire but I had no wish to earn extra strokes.  '12 strokes.  You will remain still and count each one.'

I have never received the cane but this was a searing pain like no other and just as I had recovered from the previous stroke, the next was applied to my bottom; one after another until I reached count 12.

'Stand up.  You will NEVER behave like this again.  If I see you in my office again this term I shall repeat your detention in front of the whole school.  Do you understand?'  I silently nodded, tears running down my cheeks.

'Right.  follow me.  you are going to be made an example of.'  The headmaster took me outside his office and had me face the wall.  He placed a coin on the wall and had me hold it in place with my nose.  'If I hear that coin drop to the floor you will receive another dose of the plimsole.  You will remain there for all your friends to see until the end of the day.'  And that is where I stayed....a sorry sight with my red bottom on display as an example of what happens to girls who break the rules at this school.

I do hope you enjoyed that folks!  I enjoyed writing it!  Now to play it out.....


Tim . said...

Yes lovey i did enjoy it ,best spanks from Tim x

Mr J said...

I loved it Leia. Thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed playing it out as much as you enjoyed writing it. Should you ever need someone for the Headmaster part ..... look no further!


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