Thursday, 20 June 2019

placed on an F-machine to learn some humility!

Today is a big day for me on, and one which is, to date, the most humiliating of my life.  The Masters of Onurnees school have decided that us pupils are not learning our place in your world nearly fast enough.  We must be subservient to your every sexual need, but at the minute this is not happening at all.  I am resisting the programme at every turn and no matter how many times you have me taste your belt or the cane I am still not obeying your commands.

Today is my comeuppance on  I am brought in front of the whole school and local governors and placed on my hands and knees, legs wide apart.  I just know everything is on view and attempt to squirm away, but the flick of your belt makes me hold position.  To my horror I look behind me and see there is an F-machine right behind me all set up with a large dildo to work my pussy hard.  I have no idea how long I am to suffer the machine pounding away at me but I know it is going to be uncomfortable and I have never felt so humiliated in my entire life.  I can hear the girls gasp in horror and the staff noise their approval at my fate.

I hear the machine start up, slowly at first and then faster and faster until I am unable to control my orgasm.  I am instructed by the staff that every time I attempt to subvert the system I will be placed on this machine to be reminded of what kind of girl I really am and why I have been signed up for this education programme. I am so very humiliated as I feel the orgasm come, everyone able to see how wet my pussy is.  I feel so slutty!

To my horror I notice that there are much bigger dildos and butt plugs on display ready to invade my most private parts at a later date.....and I just know I will be back here again, placed on this machine and forced to orgasm!

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