Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Anal training at Onurnees School

Folks!  The time has come for me to suffer my ultimate humiliation and face a prolonged series of treatments and training exercises before your very eyes to train my bottom to receive a good, large dildo in my ass at and  This is making ALL my cheeks blush as I must explain to you teachers what my lessons involve and perform it before you without the privilege of anything to cover me.  Everything is totally exposed for your enjoyment and my squeals of discomfort are also a joy to some of your ears no doubt! 

This is an advanced lesson at the Onurnees school of Sexual Submission, reserved for ladies who fail to resist the dildo cock when made to kneel above it (remember that post?!).  Those of us unable to resist, those who satisfy their carnal urges on it are to sign up for this term of classes, else we may never graduate.  We were given no clue as to the consequences beforehand, you Masters wished to see who would pass and get their purity merit and which of us clearly failed and earned the dubious privilege of being trained in the more depraved acts of Sexual Submission...

These long videos (3.5-4.5min videos) will be shown to you on a weekly basis.  I do hope you enjoy my suffering and humiliation at and  First episode is up today

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