Wednesday, 13 May 2020

All my latest activities!

Hello folks, I hope you are all doing ok.  Here are some kinky updates in my world for you to enjoy:

OnlyFans/AdmireMe:  So if you have been a member of my and then you will know I have been stretching myself anally (amongst other things!) in order to prepare myself for a session on the F machine as has been set for me by the tutors of Onurnees school for Submissive Women.  Well, today I actually managed to Use a dildo cock there!  There is a full VIDEO clip of this on my OnlyFans and AdmireMe today.  Take a look now!  Oh, and new subscribers to my receive their first 30 days for 50% off.  Amazing!  I have 225+ videos on there, with new clips going up EVERY DAY!!  Here is a juicy taster for you:

Clips4Sale:  So, for those of you who prefer to pick and chose your clips, my store is the place for you and you may find me here:

I have over 20 titles up on here at the minute, so do take a look at everything!  Here are my latest:

Diaper self-spanking:  I decided to have a little experiment recently and in my cutest Victorian undergarments I spank myself with different implements in the diaper position.  Close up shots leave very little to the imagination!  Check it out here:

Here is a little taster for you:

Nettles in my knickers!  This is a particularly stingy punishment for me.  Watch me place a large bunch of nettles into my knickers and struggle with the stinging results on my most sensitive parts.  Not satisfied with placing nettles in the front of my knickers I also place them down my bottom!  Close ups of the results are shown for you to see.  Check it out here:

Here is a little taster for you:

Pegs and Wax:  I love to experiment with my kink here you find me doing so with pegs and wax.  Watch me place pegs on my tender nipples, made pert by the cold and with with the discomfort.  Not content with that, I pour wax all over my nipples and breasts from a red candle.  I loved it!  Check it out here:

Enjoy folks!  See you soon I hope xxx

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