Monday, 16 January 2023

New Year updates!

 Hello folks!  Bit late I know, but happy New Year!  It has been a while since my last post because I went away diving in Grenada and then spent Christmas with my family.  I have been busily catching up ever since.  

You all know I have an Only Fans page, where I post a lot of work that is unique to that page as well as segmented clips of my full-length films.  Well, I am now well over 1000 clips on that page and approximately 5,300 photos!  I don't archive anything so if you join today you will have access to my COMPLETE library of content....all you will need is plenty of time to make your way through it all!  As a member I also offer custom clips at discounted rates, so you may take the director's chair and have me do your bidding on film...what's not to like?!

I have been making some updates on my Clips4Sale site too, so if you like my content in full-length format then head over to my page to take a browse of my 212 clips available on this page!

Leia Severely punished by the headmaster:

Leia has been set some maths problems, which she completes ahead of time.  Bored, Leia has a naughty thought and enacts upon it by drawing rude pictures all over her work.  Unfortunately the Headmaster arrives and Leia is unable to hide her work in time.  A punishment beckons Leia's bottom!  Leia finds herself given a thorough spanking, over her school skirt, then her navy knickers, before suffering the indignity of a spanking on her bare bottom!  Leia's punishment does not end there, however as she is bent over for the headmaster's strap.  OUCH!!  Leia is sent to the corner to await the cane, while the Head deals with another matter.  This makes Leia nervous as being made to wait is almost worse than the punishment itself.  Finally, the cane is due and Leia is bent over once more to taste the Head's senior cane.  Leia's corporal punishment is over, however she is sent to the corner once more, this time with her knickers down to set an example to other pupils!

If you love a traditional all-action school scene with authentic uniforms and settings, you will LOVE this scene!

find this clip here:

Sports Day spanking:

Leia hates PE and decides to try and sneak out for a crafty cigarette.  However, she is surprised by the Headmaster passing through the gym, who takes smoking very seriously indeed!  Leia is taken across the Head's knee for a spanking every her navy sports knickers, before having them lowered for more on her bare bottom.  Ignoring her cries of apologies, the Head decides to punish Leia further with her own plimsoll, over her navy sports knickers AND on her bare implement Leia dislikes intensely!  

Leia now thinks that her punishment is over, but the head has one more unusual punishment for her and has her stand with legs apart.  She must stretch her arms out and then bend over to touch her toes.  Every time Leia touches her toes, the Head applies his leather strap to Leia's taught and stretched bottom.  He has her do this 18 times with her knickers on, and the has Leia take them off for 18 more strokes.  Painful and humiliating, this is a punishment Leia is unlikely to forget!

Find this clip here:

Secretary punished:  

Leia thinks she is in for an easy ride when she takes on a new job as a private secretary for a rich country gentlemen.  How wrong could she be!  Leia finds out the hard way that this gentleman is very much into his domestic discipline and proceeds to spank, slipper and cane Leia to ensure she works hard whilst she is in his employment.  

These scenes are shot with two camera angles so you may see Leia's facial AND bottom cheeks glowing red!

Find this clip here:

Enjoy folks!

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