Thursday 22 February 2024

Bottoms Up party 7th March

Hello folks!  I have a very exciting party for you coming on 7th March and there are only THREE places left!  Read on to find out more about your exciting day:

We have a Country and Western theme for this party folks, where the girls will be dressed in their tightest denim (Daisy Dukes, huzzah!) Unfortunately the ladies have not been behaving themselves and need you to give them a sound spanking! I have just THREE places left for this party, so book ASAP to secure your place!

Ladies booked are: 






Bottoms Up are a relaxed, social atmosphere with a packed afternoon of spanking action. For those not familiar, here is the order of play:

- Welcome glass (or two!) of bubbly
- A cold caning for MC Leia-Ann Woods, six of the best from each of the guests!
- Mini 1-2-1 sessions with each of the ladies, plenty of spankings and leather implements to boot! The ladies come and find you to play, so there is no need to worry - you play with all of us!
- A delicious buffet lunch, some of which is home-cooked by your host Leia!
-The final 1-2-1 sessions after lunch
- The caning of each lady, six of the best from each of you gentlemen!
- A chance to switch with the ladies if you feel you need your bottom tanning!! 

The party runs from 12pm for a 12.30pm start and finishes at 5.30pm. For those wishing to socialise after the party we go to the pub to enjoy a couple of jars and talk about the goings-on of the day!

I just know you want to join us, so here are the details to book in:
07595 738626

I look forward to seeing you there!

Leia xxxx

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