Friday, 8 August 2008

The English Spankers

Now this is a site I really enjoyed doing scenes with, but I have not been able to show some of their pics with me until now....but these I do like and I enjoyed the scene so much! It seems that many people see a haughty "pain in the butt" housewife in me....why is that I wonder?! And Lucy, because I chose this dress when out shopping with you, these are for you (more dress shopping wardrobe is still not girly enough!)

Enjoy folks, especially as there are other scenes in there as well, notably one where I end up stripped naked with both my hands and my bottom caned...ouch! (but fun!)


BrushStrokes said...

That was an excellent shoot Leia

Sound Punishment said...

I really enjoyed the pleasure of spanking Leia that day.

She is a lovely lady and I hope I can film her for Sound Punishment soon.

Lucy McLean said...

Hurrah! more dresses! Yeah!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Sound punishment - thank you so much! And yes of course i will

Lucy - Indeed Hurrah for dresses, and more to be purchased!


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