Monday, 15 September 2008

E-mails and end of an era

Hi folks, just a note to say if you don't receive quick replies to your mails I am not ignoring you! It is the last month of my PhD and I could not be more busy. I have stored them up and am answering as many as I can per day, so please be a little patient with me while this month passes....hopefully it will calm down as I go into write-up status in October and am not spending 10 hours a day in a lab! Also I will have a new number for sessions which I will advertise at the beginning of next month when i will be back to doing 1-2-1's all the time! Hurrah!


Unknown said...

Well Leia-Ann dear: Im looking forward to October and seeing you again. Im sure we all wish you the best in your great enterprise.


lancisto said...

Too busy to blog? C'est la viva...

Good luck with write-up!

L (the first one :p )


Nearly there on the academic front. I suppose soon we will have to start calling you "Dr Woods" or would that be "The Evil Dr Woods". Have you considered being a nemesis in a Bond film :-) Good luck with everything.



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