Thursday, 11 September 2008

In detention...again!

oh dear oh dear!

It seems I still have not learned how to be a good girl and have landed myself in trouble once again. This time it is Mr Nightingale's turn to show me the error of my ways...

In detention yet again and thoroughly bored, Leia Ann is giving her House Master, Mr Nightingale, less than her full attention. Just enough in fact to make rude faces behind his back. Is he psychic? Or does he just know Leia Ann really well when he tells her he knows what she's doing? Poor Leia Ann, she's for it now and she only has herself to blame. Bet the caning she's about to get will generate some less funny faces.

Enjoy folks! At Northern Spanking Now!


Lancisto said...

"Is he psychic?"

nope, it's just that eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head thing again ;)


Love the facial expressions in the two photo sets that have been put out from this series so far.


dixiedarling said...

I really like the final shot in the series with the cane impact...I am always a sucker for the cane!


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