Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Night of the Cane

well, it was a fantastic evening, which was well worth going to and I cannot wait until next year!  As usual The Firm did a fantastic job and Mr Skyes should be much credited for a well thought out event.

Mistress Switch and I did a workshop based around Judicial CP, explaining how it works for both sides psychologically and the safety aspects involved, where of course a demonstration was required so I took six of her best with the Cane and then two more with the Singapore!!  OUCH! (but it felt good, and I was able to discuss the endorphin rush post-punishment more eloquently!)

Of course the highlight of the evening was the caning competition which saw some truly excellent entries this year, wit a first time entry winning this year's competition.  yours truly was the compere and I had a great time doing it!

My only sad thought was how much more quiet the event was this year.  We must support great events such as this if our scene is not to die.  I do hope that some of the events of this year have not put you folks off as I am sure 2009 will be our time, so I look forward to seeing you all next year at many of our fabulous events!


Polite_129 said...

Dear Leia,

Thanks for a great site and blogg!

I have to ask, what is a "Singapore"?

idlethoughts said...

Hi, i'm glad NOTC was so good, unfortunately i was away this last w/e. I've not been to one before but would be interested in attending one in future, even though i might only know one or two of those attending.
Are there or will there be any photos posted anywhere of the evening?


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