Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Parties and Punishment

Well here it is! the party season has begun, hurrah! and rather than be a scrooge this year I have even been organised and put up a tree, yay!
Other than that, life has been quiet, except for a punishment I recently received for some particularly bad behaviour....doom! It was 12 strokes on my back with a cat, delivered by none other than Niki Flynn herself. It was excruciating, so don't listen to anything she may say about not being Domme! I think however, it was even more excruciating because I did not know beforehand that it was to be her giving it and I knew I deserved it. BUT watch out Niki, I will be watching and waiting for you to land your self in it....revenge will be mine, oh yes it will!
"Good evening Clarice"


lancisto said...

Persian, Siamese or tabby? Whichever way, it sounds like it's claws hadn't been trimmed.

You go get her back, Leia... and give her extra from me (and post pictures ;) )


Unknown said...

This conjours up a senario of you comming before a disciplinary committee and admitting your fault and the sentence passed. Then shock horror Niki is summoned to carry it out when you had expected one of the committee. Key phrases seem to be "some particularly bad behaviour", "even more excruciating", and "I knew I deserved it"

Anonymous said...

Whinge away, Ms Woods. You KNOW I was as much a victim as you, the whole thing not being my choice at all. You KNOW how much I hated being called in as a ringer to do it. But (sigh) someone had to. Just imagine how much worse it could have been...


A dozen strokes of the cat!

Well that made a barrow load of shipboard punishment scenes flow through the mind, Where there eye patches and parrots? did Niki Flynn fall off her wooden leg when delivering the sentence?


PallidBust said...

I think you should just be grateful that Miss Flynn has just a pet cat with which to beat people, and not a bed of pet scorpions. I hope the cat is okay. We need to make sure that P.E.T.A. doesn't hear of this discipline. Seriously, P.E.T.A. can be viscous.

PB, Mr. Silver-lining

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR from germany

I like your blog




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