Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy new year folks

HURRAH! it is no longer 2008, and it feels so very good!  I am sorry I did so little posting in December but time really did get ahead of me.  However times are quieter this month and I hope to bring you my exploits with more regularity, including some VERY exciting updates from Northern Spanking.  Speaking of the crew, I was lucky enough to bring in the new year with the Northern Spanking crew, Lucy McLean, Paul Kennedy, Amy Hunter and others including Niki Flynn and Josie of Kane magazine.  I have not had so much fun in years, it was a riot!  I hope we can do the same at the end of this year!!

I have little planned over the next few days other than to receive my first spanking of 2009, which should, all being well, happen tomorrow, hurrah! (it has been TOO long!).  I shall let you know how it feels....



Happy New Year, nice to hear that you got to see it in with such good company.

Looking forward to the next post.


Winchester said...

Happy New Year Leia - what a team for the New Year Celebrations! I hope your spanking today meets all your expectations and aspirations - and that tghis year wkill hold none of the terribly raumas of the last!

Lancisto said...

Happy New year to you too. What's more, Happy Birthday too!

Now, knickers down and over the sofa you got for your birthday spanking, m'girl!



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