Friday, 6 February 2009

book recommendation

Hi folks, just a quick post while I have a ready and willing internet connection, but I have a book to share with you if you have not discovered the joy of it or the author already.  Our author is James Clavell (check the surname with one or two L's as I am not completely sure of the spelling - the book is not with me at present but on loan) and the book is called Tai Pan and it is a most fantastic read.  Not only is it a great historical novel based around the birth of Hong Kong, but it has several scenes of spanking within it.   Our hero is a Scottish fellow called Dirk Struan and he is certainly my kind of man!  If you have not read it already and like Mf scenes then you should love this book!  Enjoy...


MarQe said...

check out this link Leia >>

Roger said...

I can't believe it - I've had a copy of that book for about 20 years, and I have been kinky for a lot longer than that, and I didn't realise there were spankings in it!

I only read it the once, but still...

Leia, there are 728 pages, please don't be cruel and make me read it all again. How about posting a page number or two? (Well I'll probably read it all again anyway, but it would be good to find the important pages first !)

BTW, Clavell is spelt with 2 ls.

Roger - dwelling on thoughts of Leia being cruel... :-))

PallidBust said...

"Shogun" by Clavell rocks. I started it on a Friday, after school, and didn't eat or sleep until I finished it on Sunday. By the end I thought I could speak Japanese.

Then I went to Japan. I can't speak Japanese.

Anonymous said...


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