Thursday, 5 February 2009

snow and all things beautiful!

well London came to  standstill on Monday due to....snow.  Not that it made any difference to me tucked up in my nice warm flat with plenty of tea and a good book!  (surprisingly not about spanking)  It did look so beautiful and despite all the media doom and gloom i thought it made a pleasant change!

So...what spanking news have I got?  I have been in much trouble of late (no surprises there!), receiving a caning over the weekend, coupled with the hardest spanking of my life to date!  I actually cried, but oh what a release!  I had been teasing the man in charge and I guess I paid the price for it.  Did I learn my lesson?  Yes actually I did...I will be more subtle about such behaviour in future, hee hee!!  I am also sitting on a very sore bottom from a judicial punishment (also the cane) received yesterday, which started with 6 strokes over my jeans, then because I made a fuss I received the second six on my bare bottom.  OUCH! the cane was heavy and had a real thud to it, which is something I never enjoy so is ideal for a deterrent style punishment.  what had I done?  well broken the rules quite simply, and as I have previously committed the same offence, the punishment was all the worse, not to mention the horrible reprimand to begin with!  however I did deserve it so I deserve very little sympathy!  You may at least be happy to know I am sitting typing this with a very sore bottom....long may it last too!  


MarQe said...

Nice blog Leia & really PINK !! Hope you don't mind me linking you at my blog ?

Leia-Ann Woods said...

hello, no not at all, thank you!

idlethoughts said...

I can imagine you being caned mercilessly, with you bent over imperiously, as if challenging the caner to do their best or their worst! What a delightful thought.
Am looking forward to seeing some period punishment scenarios that i understand are coming on firm hand and northern spanking.


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