Thursday, 22 January 2009

Scenario of JOY by Northern Spanking

Hello folks....another chat about the happenings over at Northern Spanking for you...

Northern spanking have just released a wonderful new film, featuring Niki Flynn and Pandora Blake as Victorian maids....this is one of my favourite scenarios (apart of course from those beastly prison ones I have a penchant for!!). Do take a look, I have just finished watching the first 2 parts and they are just magnficent. Not only is the story great, but the setting is just perfect for the scene. Lovely job Northern !!!
On another note, this is one of my favourite fantasies, and of course we know the other usual suspects, but what are yours...what do you enjoy seeing most, apart from the time honoured Schoolgirl fantasy that so many of us have. Do let me know....


Unknown said...

Yes Leia. Only Niki has appeared so far but this is a good film can't wait for Pandora. Your question is hard to answer there are lots of films and photo stories on Northern Spanking that show a senerio I never dreamed of, I like my young ladies in black undies and stockings but Niki is also appearing in a photo story looking delecious in white Perhaps you could try that too?
All strength to Northern spanking and you.
Alan N

idlethoughts said...

Hi, one of my favourites which i can't recall seeing is a female judge or barrister, full uniform hiding sheer black stockings, black panties but no bra.
I look forward to seeing you starring in this scenario at sometime.
I also like a victorian/edwardain scenario.


Women in official power uniforms, military, police, train ticket inspector (at least on one of the train lines I use :-) ), pinstripe office suits and that kind of thing pushes my buttons. And Glasses of course, there are not enough women in glasses in spanking movies.


MarQe said...

I like lots of scenarios. But I do have a weakness for a womans bottom clad in tight cotton pyjamas being given a nice bedtime spanking, strapping & caning.
Oh and a certain 50's theme I am hoping to try out soon ;)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

I am certainly a big fan of Historical scenes....and it seems you folks are too....thank you for your responses folks, it is always good to hear what you folks like to see and enjoy!

Unknown said...

Hi Leia,
I must agree with you on the period drama movies, they feel a bit more authentic to me. I have read many ‘Victorian Era’ period books that include the chastisement of parlour maids by the Lord or Lady of the Manor. I would dearly love to see a full length feature film which includes this as a predominant part of the script. I have watched a few of those Lupus films, and I found them high quality productions, but I must say, I find 90% of the beatings in them to be way over the top….I am left concerned for the ladies taking these beatings…is it just another day at work for them do you think?
Best Wishes,


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