Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ooops we're at it again....

Yes, you have guessed it, Jadie and I are at it again. Will we ever learn? It would appear not, and anyway wouldn't you miss us if we were to turn into angels?!
This story actually comes from a film by Northern Spanking called "Girl's Night in". So do give it a look. The synopsis is as follows:
Leia Ann has invited the girls round for some wine and gossip, (in their sexiest undies, of course!). Stephen returns from the pub to find his sexy wife and her gorgeous friends indulging in a game of truth or dare, the focus of which Jadie seems to have turned to the subject of and appreciation of, each others bottoms! Now in this area Stephen is something of a connoiseur and, sees a beautiful opportunity to spank these girls, whose bums he has much admired. They are certainly up for up for it but Leia has other ideas and flounces off to bed. Stephen will no doubt admonish his deliciously huffy wife a little later. After these two ladies have very sore
bottoms indeed!
Enjoy folks...


idlethoughts said...

I can feel the electricity between you and Jadie from here!
Looking forward to having a look at this film.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Yes Paul, nothing changes with the two of us!!! I do hope you enjoy it!


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