Monday, 10 August 2009

random week!

Yes folks, it has been a random week which has ranged from the bloody ridiculous to just plain bizarre. I was meeting a friend last week for drinks but he had to move it back 45 mins. Being that I was in Covent Garden I thought I would indulge in a Cornish pasty and watch a street performer while I waited. If only my life were that simple. You know how they sometimes pick people from the audience? Well it was my turn for some bitter humiliation. Oh yes BITTER humiliation! Luckily the show involved a kink of mine; straitjackets! He had me tie him in it (though I think he was surprised at how quickly and easily I got him in!). Oh the Joy!!! The friend I was meeting thought it was bloody hilarious, yeah right!!!

And the bizarre? Apart from my lovely regular calls and mails about CP scenario and play I had 2 ridiculous ones. One wanted to put custard pies in my face and another wanted me to wash his dirty socks by hand. Random or what?! Anyway the moral there is to make your website dedicated to CP even clearer. No food or sock washing please!!!



actually the pie in the face sounds a lot of fun. Amy Hunter has already done something similar to Niki Flynn, I seem to remember a straight jacket being involved as well.


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Yes, fine. As a laugh with your mates! I did not know this guy so it would have just been odd. And dirty at a venue I could not clean up properly


True, better as a bit of fun with people you know. It was a good anti piracy video though.



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