Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The true identity of Fiona Locke

Ok, ok folks I must admit it. I may have deceived some of you by saying I was Fiona Locke. I apologise sincerely. I am NOT Fiona Locke (she is not nearly as crazy as I am, I have a certiciate and everything!) as I am not nearly lyrical enough in my writing to produce such wonderful works. However if you would like to know who the Real Fiona Locke is and you don't already know then click here.
Some people think Lucy and I should be punished for our deception. I think Lucy should be but not me. I am submissive and just do as I am told, Lucy however is known for her Domme side and therefore should NOT be let off lightly (hee hee!). That's all folks!


MarQe said...

No Leia I think you should be punished as well .... do I have to say who I think should administer it ?


"certiciate" yes you should both be punished and you should get a bit extra, for not using a spell checker. Imagine the what the spelling in the books would have been like, if you were Fiona Locke :)


Leia-Ann Woods said...

And you prefecdt should be spanked for being a pedant. It was a typo not poor spelling! Christ! You don't see me on your blog picking holes in your posts!!!

Unknown said...

tut tut.. Another illusion shattered. I think that a nice quick fire tanning would be in order for such deception.

Seriously though Leia you do have tremendous writing ability, ever considered doing spanking porn??

Lucy McLean said...

oh you're very amusing girl! Given that FIONA *asked* us to do it, I think SHE should be punished!

Lancisto said...

I think some group therapy is in order. The three of you (at least three, there have been other contenders too, have there not?) should all sit down and talk through the psychological reasons and motivations for why you did this so that you can learn and grow from the experience.

Also, this means you'll all be in the same place for your thrashings.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Declan I am sorry and lancs too. I did not mean to deceive anyone but as Lucy said we were asked to do it. Lucy you are right, let's get Niki with your tawse. Rather her than me!!!

Anonymous said...

Hold it, ladies. Neither Niki nor Fiona is going to be spanked, tawsed, caned, strapped or paddled anytime soon and you both know it you minxes! ;-)

But hey, thanks for being such good sports and for going above and beyond! LOL You were both brilliant and brilliantly funny. You really cheered me up when I needed it most.

Love to you both,


"And you prefecdt should be spanked for being a pedant."

Yes agreed, I've been telling people that for years.

You are welcome to pick holes on my blog, any time you like. I hate it when a mistake goes unaltered and I know I make a lot, due to a literacy condition. But my original post was meant as a fun poke, I do hope that it did not come over too seriously.


Unknown said...

No need to apologise Princess. I did often wonder who this lady was as I enjoyed a recent book of hers and an inviting photo of her on the cover.

Hump the begrugers Leia you keep doing what you do and do very well.

Lancisto said...

Hey, Leia-Ann, don't apologize.

Well not so quickly, anyway, that takes half the fun out of spanking you ;-)


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