Friday, 2 October 2009

An unusual week, even by my standards!

Well it has been an unusual time one has had over the last few days. I was originally planning a quiet week. Yeah, ok!!

On the real good news I now have bathroom of infinite joy, though at the end of the work I realised I had left out all my equipment presented beautifully for the plumber to see. I believe I either enjoy public and bitter humiliation or I have got to the point where I don't care about being kinky and people can like it or lump it! Not sure which, but the plumber was certainly amused and thinks I am the most random client he has ever had. Not sure whether that is a compliment or not really!!

In other news I put myself (unecessarily) through ultimate bitter humiliation this week by singing. I will explain more if and when I can. Just be assured that nothing I have done in the scene has scared me so much (and that includes my waterboarding experience)!!

Also, after an impromptu experiment I can now verify that CP is more painful first thing in the morning. I have now suffered it four times and it just hurt. A lot. Ouch!!!

Finally, I had the most delightful opportunity to finally meet Ludwig and his partner for a wonderful dinner on wednesday. I had a lovely time and much laughter was had by all. I was so glad to finally meet the man with a most inventive blog. If you have not checked his blog out yet, please do as it is really worth a visit.


John said...

However bitter the humiliation of you singing in public, what about a thought for those who had to listen to you? ;-)


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Yes, very funny john! Don't worry I only truly sang once. I could not bear to have those poor people put through any more torture!

Aleesha Fox said...

I agree CP first thing in the morning is very painfull. I do a lot of 1-2-1's in the morning and they do tend to pack a punch. ;)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Aleesha-glad you agree. Thought I was going mad. Well, you know what I mean!


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