Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wireless Internet at last

Hurrah!  I no longer have to upload my blog on my BlackBerry using a magnifying glass (god that was hard - also I could not seem to get it to upload pictures).  To celebrate a new life of ease I post some pics from my most recent shoot at Spanked In Uniform:

Enjoy folks!!!  I promise to have something with more thought behind it posted some time later this month...


Unknown said...

Hi Leia,
Always good to see youplay 'the maid'.Not many better than you at it.

Good luck with the rest od 2010



Leia-Ann Woods said...

Hey Paolo Thank you - Glad you enjoyed it!

Leia xxx

alannorth said...

You sound a lot better on your return from Holland than you did earlier and the pics
look good I must get onto the site. You have achieved so much recently not least yor
PhD, tremendous! You have a film released on Nothern which you wrote, & directed
and did both still and video photography. You won the Strictly come Spanking
competion on Nothern against a very strong competitor. And you have had a birthday
which missed so A belated MANY HAPPY RETURNS. Your pics on blog are so
good what about showing off the bikini Lucy gave you and remember you promised
us your graduation photos.
May Dr Woods continue to give us all as much pleasure as Ms Leia-Ann Woods did

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Alan- thank you! Yes all flu and sore throats have gone! So glad you have enoyed my activities on the scene and thank you for the congratulations on the Ph D and the birthday! I am sure I will be present on the scene for a while yet...xx


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