Saturday, 30 January 2010

Back Whipping

I played this week with two people who were both into and quite adept and back flogging.  Now, we are not talking about the extreme version with a Cat o' nine tails (I have done this and see no reason to sample it again too frequently!), but flogging with a softer leather version.  My flogger is made of deer-skin and so is soft to the touch and creates a fantastic sensation across the skin on the back when it is struck.  while I love punishment on the bottom, I have to say this was a welcome change to both the style of play I am used to and the sensation I enjoy post-session.  Though I have experienced much I realize it is easy to do the same old thing all the time.  

Of course it must be reasonably well known that I am a not-so-closet lover of Bastinado, (see Wheatley Manor) but have never been so keen on being punished on other parts of my body (just try coming at my thighs to see the result!) but this week has really re-newed my interest for searching for sensations on other parts of the body.  Of course given the right setting and scenario, most punishments will I accept, provided I know the person and we have developed a play relationship, however there is also a place for pure sensation play with someone who is merely dominant over me.....

....So the big question?  Folks PLEASE no lurking, do tell me where on the body, apart from on the bottom, is a place you enjoy giving or receiving punishment or have a fantasy to do so?  I am genuinely interested



Back - Floggers, single tails and on one occasion a leather paddle that was wonderfully satisfying.

Thighs - Oh! yes love it, especially with canes, switches, hand or hairbrush. Not to keen on leather there though.

Front of thighs - Cane, less for the pain sensation but more for the worry and threat about getting other bits hit (not into CBT). It is a "Thank the fates that I survived it." sort of feeling, afterwards.

Hands - Canes and straps.

Soles of the feet - Used to enjoy getting strapped there but the deteriorating state of my feet and my love of walking means that, that has to be a no go area now.

Wrists - Only with the Tops fingers but this produces a strangely satisfying feeling.


Ellen May Davis said...

Thighs! Thighs! Thighs! Oh, and breasts. Nothing so sublime as a cane to the inner thigh! Devastatingly painful but the afterglow is unparalleled. Canes, crops, floggers, anything really, are a sensual joy on the breasts.

Damn, now I want to play...

Nimue said...

I'm definately not a fan of thighs (on the receiving end, as a top, i do find it very satisfying to slap someone hard on the inner thighs!)
My all time favourite for receiving has to be on my breasts and chest, especially slapping, caning, and punching (punching is delightfully thuddy in a "knock all the breath out of you" kind of way).
A heavy flogger on the back can be almost like a good, deep massage though, and definately has it's place!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Prefecdt - wow you are almost an all over the body man!! like it...

Ellen-May Davis - oooooh thighs....never understood it myself, though I love it as a pure deterrent with the Dom when I have strayed from the path of good living!

Nimue - Am so with you on the thighs bit, breasts are much more better, though mine are so very sensitive!! Have never tried what you describe so will ask you more when we next meet....

...oh and almost forgot, I love face slapping from the right person in the right setting. So much joy!

Zille Defeu said...

Great question, Leia!

In my fantasies, thighs are a real turn-on. In real life -- argh, that hurts! (Which of course is why it's a hit in my fantasies!) And the fronts of my thighs keep the bruises for *so long* that I find it a bit disturbing.

But in both real life and fantasy, my breast love attention both painful and pleasurable. In fact, I can't really tell them apart, when it comes to my breasts. A light fast caning can be perceived as pleasure, and yet fingers teasing my nipples can be so intense that I register it as pain!

When it comes time to do a role-play, I "like" (as in love-hate) anything that fits in the role, like a strapping on the hands.

I've had floggings with nice soft leather floggers on my back, and I enjoy the sensations, but they don't really fit in my normal sexual focus, so they are just an occasional "spice"!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Zillie - Yes breasts are fabulous as an area, I wish mine were less sensitive! I am with you on a love-hate theme for punishments and pain within a scenario, so with you there. Thank you for the interesting comments!

Unknown said...

Some parts of the body are more of a love/hate relationship.

Back - good for floggings. I don't do it often, so it's much more sensitive

Backs of thighs - pretty much anything goes.

Front of thighs - only stingy implements

Inner thighs - again only stingy things.

Hands are a no go area (mine are rather bony, plus I'm worried about damage.) Feet I've never tried, and don't think I ever will.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Simon - Thank you for your comment. just goes to show how different we are. I am much more happy with a foot punishment than a thigh one, however our differences is what makes the scene rich. I am also not keen on punishments on the hand, but have taken the tawse there...

David Webley said...

I enjoy using a martinet on the braests and inner thighs and if the lady is up for it on the labia.

Floggers are great for the back and if not too heavy the breasts.

I'm not a great fan of tawses but they can be good used on hands before the lady has to use her, now sore, fingers to undress.



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