Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Northern Spanking Genius....Again

Ok, Northern Spanking have really excelled themselves this time.  Here we have a wonderful period piece, complete with costumes and beautiful background setting.  Here is the description of the first chapter and a cast list:

HD Celtic Corrections Film - Reformation At The Abbey: Preparations


Andi Switch, Leia Ann Woods, Jadie Reece, Nicole Reina, Katja Krasivaya, Stephen Lewis and Paul Kennedy 
Spanking OTK, Hairbrush, Flogger, Straps, Birch, Cane 

The Abbey has a reputation for the fine charitable work they do, regularly housing and educating street girls and orphans. We join the good Father and his housekeeper, Mrs Hawthorne, on the eve of a visit from the Marquis D'Islero. Orphans, Lucinda and Josephine are to be auditioned for a place as serving girls in the Marquis home. Having been under the care and tutelage of the Father for several years, both girls have been schooled to be god-fearing, well disciplined ladies with good cleaning and other service skills. All in an attempt to permanently place them into a rich house to secure their future.

In this chapter Josephine and Lucinda prepare for the visit by the Marquis, but because he will only take one of them squabbling ensues and both girls bottoms are bared for the hairbrush to quieten their tongues.  Eventually the girls are quiet and prepare for prayers before bed...


Pandora Blake said...

I am looking forward to seeing this SO MUCH I do not even have the words. The stills look amazing!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Pandora - I LOVED doing it. As you know I love institutional scenes, and period ones just go off the scale for me. Saw your Roue film BTW, as my partner was the one who did the editing and filming for you (bald man who looks a bit scary til he speaks!) that was lovely also xx

alannorth said...

Part 2 is now up and it gets better. Leia as far as this type of film id concerned you have thw Midas touch

Leia-Ann Woods said...

so glad you are enjoying it

Leia xxx


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