Thursday, 25 February 2010

Burns Night

Ok folks this is an important message from Ishamael of The Firm.  You may have heard the they had issues with their Burns Night.  It has been re-scheduled as follows:

We are re-mounting our Burns Night supper near to the Barnet Bastille on Saturday 6th March.  We apprecite that it's a bit far out, but finding a venue that will let us use the kitchens is just about the most difficult part of doing Burns Night, and this way we can go to the Barnet Bastille to play after the meal.
Having had the original version scuppered by a former customer with a grudge, we have to make this one work.  Please, please support us, if you possibly can.

So, if you can get down there, then do.  I know it is a little late this year but the Firm have had nothing but problems with this event.  PLEASE don't let it die because of people's ignorance.  This is a GOOD night out...

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