Sunday, 28 February 2010

JCP - from my point of view

WOW!!! What a fantastic day we had on Friday.  And it was all due to my very good friend and scene buddy Mistress Switch!  She really does surpass herself when organizing original events.  This event her idea was to have a double caning, which meant she needed a left-handed Domme.  Rather than bringing in someone new she gave me the pleasure of doing it.  I had plenty of time to practice (November til Friday just gone), and plenty of time to worry about it, after all this was to be in front of an audience, so much could go wrong!!  (Andi is rather good at caning you know ;-) )

It felt odd not being one of the victims as this was the first one I would not be subbing in, but would be a Domme instead, however I felt more nervous this time than last (strange I know but hey, what can I say?!).  The scenario this time was based around a research group in Russia (a Psychiatry department), who claim that use of corporal punishment helps the treatment of ailments such as depression.    

The victims this time really were fantastic.  Nicole Switch broke down into devastating tears and it took all my energy to lose the empathy I have far too often, but afterwards it was lovely to see her face, so vulnerable but not broken one bit.  Aleesha Fox went into a beautiful sub space taking each stroke with a guttural sound coming from deep inside, which was a real pleasure to be partially generating, I guess because I know how it feels.  Ellen May Davis was shaking before we began the treatment and was still shaking when we bent her over.  She has a tiny frame and I almost worried I would break her, but she took it beautifully as I have seen her take it many times before, even going back to when I first came on the scene.  Jadie Reece was next and I know she would have been disappointed if myself and Andi Switch had not given it our all, so we did!!  Never before have I had the pleasure of playing with her on that level and giving her the high I know so well.  It was truly special.  The final victim was Nikki Montford, who has a pain thresh-hold through the roof, but I do believe there may have been some reaction there, yay!!!   

Then of course we had the fun party and my Domme side faded back to my default state of submissive (well fairly submissive, it is difficult to be THAT sub when you have been so Domme), while Cassie Hunter and Dublin O'Brien continued do Domme the boys.  

It has been the highlight of my scene calendar so far this year so thank you Mistress Switch for having me there.  And here is a pic of the evil Dr....


Spankingfreunde.DE said...

looks nice

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Beautiful picture!

Professional photographer? Surely not Miss Hunters phone camera.

Ohh - yes - and what you wrote - wow! I wish I could have witnessed it.

Maybe even bared my backside for your cane but I'm not so sure about that.

Thanks for your post - let's see what Mistress Switch will put on her blog.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

thanks folks - glad you enjoyed the post xxx

Leia-Ann Woods said...

thanks folks - glad you enjoyed the post xxx


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