Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Hello folks, just to let you know about my evolving within the scene.  Of late I have been discovering my Dominant side, so for those of you who like to switch or would love to see me just as a Dominant woman, I am more than happy to see you, believe me!  I have been busily discovering this with friends and online at The English Mansion, and Strict Women.   I do hope you enjoy the pic below:

(Picture courtesy of The English Mansion).  BUT and this is a BIG BUT(T) I have not lost my submissive side (I guess my previous post should tell you that!!), but the new diversity in my play is actually allowing me to enjoy the submissive times even more, so those of you who only enjoy seeing me bare my bottom, fear not, that will be continuing as usual (I could not live without it).

(photo courtesy of Northern Spanking)  I do hope this is clear.  well, as clear as mud anyway!


Unknown said...

Wow...what a great picture (Police Woman)...I am not the switching type, but if it was ever to happen...that is the 'Police' Woman to do it.


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Why thank you Paolo :-) xx

hallamc said...

The policewoman picture is good, but the other one is amazing! What a GORGEOUS bottom! Thank you for a great picture, Leia.


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