Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Firm Event: BOAT PARTY

Hello folks.  Here is some information on a great event, The Boat Party.  It is run by the firm and it is fantastic.  I have been on it myself and had a great time playing, receiving a number of spankings and canings while going up the Thames river.  What could be better?!  Here are the details:

The Boat is unique. 
Before we go any further, you can now buy tickets for The Boat online at   
We set sail from St Katherine’s Pier (North downriver side of Tower Bridge) at 9pm, Saturday 26th June; then past HMS Belfast, under Tower Bridge, past Canary Wharf and the Dome towards the Barrier, then upriver perhaps as far as Putney before turning for home.  Docking at 2am.
There is dungeon equipment, music, delicious canapés served by our ever-attentive maids; AND you can do SM with your lover while cruising right through the heart of one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world on a glorious summer night. You can get Six of the Best going under Tower Bridge.
It is that good.
And it is just once a year.
It is much better to buy tickets in advance - from Zeitgeist, Holloway Road, or by post from Kane, 13 Riddlesdale Avenue, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9AB. £25 each, cheques made payable to Ishmael Skyes. There have been SM boat parties since 1985 - tell me what party could possibly last 26 years without being brilliantly good?
The Boat is a night not, under any circumstances, to be missed.

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Councillor Peter Axtell said...

Dear Leia,
Thanks for reminding me about the Love Boat. I went a few times and it brings back rich and delicious (and painful) memories
I described a scene from a Love Boat journey of about 10 years ago in my published novel "Towers of Framden".
You can find an excerpt of this chapter in my blog
Thanks for prompting my memory on this.


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