Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hedonistic Week

What fun we had this week!!!  I even managed to get some work done in between the fun....yay me!

First, I met the Hunteress for lunch and much food (we had both been training so I was ready to chew on her arm!), combined with wine and cocktails.  Needless to say there was much giggling and silliness.  Oh and evil plans...

Then I was pleased to spend the day with good friends having an afternoon of CP and fun!  It was Mistress Switch's Friday club (which she has moved to Thursday - loving the eccentricity there! ) and we were dressed as Air Hostesses, though Jadie had been having it off with the Captain so was in just her underwear and hat.  Oh the BITTER humiliation.  Here are some pictures, courtesy of Mistress Switch:

Left to right:  Aleesha Fox, Nicole Switch, Andi Switch, Jadie Reece, Cassie Hunter, Leia-Ann Woods

Left to right:  Aleesha Fox, Nicole Switch, Jadie Reece, Cassie Hunter, Leia-Ann Woods

We had a fantastic afternoon with us girlies receiving fantastic CP from all the guys, culminating with my favourite bit....the CANE!  Then it was time to switch and get our revenge [insert evil laugh here] and return the favour.  Given my recent injury I have begun to learn how to administer right handed ad can now spank and use certain leather implements right handed.  This I took great pleasure in practicing further!!  Mr A was super brave and took 100 strokes of the Canadian prison strap (which is the one implement I just cannot enjoy no matter what, so is a perfect implement for a genuine punishment) from the Hunteress and Miss Nicole Switch.  This was an impressive sight, believe me!  We then counted off the party and headed off for more cocktails (this was only ever going to go wrong!), which ended up in debauchery and more play between some of us way into the wee small hours.  Jadie and I were caned ull force by the Hunteress and there was prison strap doom mixed in too.  JOY!  As you may imagine I hibernated yesterday, doing only my e-mails before much sleep!  

THANK YOU to Andi Switch for a fantastic day, and apologies for waking you up (I know that must have been annoying!), so lease feel free to take the prison strap to me!

Ok folks, I am having a quiet couple of days getting some major things organised at my flat so I will be back on the scene on Tuesday... 

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