Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Birched, birched again and then caned...

...Yes folks it is time once more to put myself to the test, this time testing both my physical and mental limits and attempting to push them. I was summoned to court yesterday to appear before the Judge, who, despite my desperate attempt to plead my case, ignored my evidence and handed down a guilty sentence. I was sentenced to two sets of 30seconds with a spray birch and 20 strokes with the cane. Now getting through the spray birching alone is no mean feat. It is 30 seconds of pure hell while the birch is administered with as much velocity as possible. After a brief break this is repeated and by this time I was screaming, crying and definitely could take no more...

The next phase was 20 strokes with the Manx birch, which looks more intimidating but in fact was a welcome relief, one I began to distinctly enjoy after a stroke or two. Grasps of pleasure/pain were coming from deep within me and I felt almost disappointed when this phase of the punishment was over.

I was released from the punishment bench and despite feeling wobbly, I was far too proud to ask for help and was certainly in no mood to receive it.

Then it was the turn of my fellow victim. I struggle to watch other women in real distress and so I had to keep turning away. The Judge, however, was cruel and forced me to watch her go through what had just happened to me. And she did so bravely. She was quieter that I was but it was clear the punishment was getting to her. Well done you, girl!

I thought it was all over, but I was wrong. For a failing in my conduct the Judge decided I was to receive 12 very hard strokes on my already punished bottom. I received them all in silence and without moving as was the order. Finally it was over and all I had to go through now was a lovely lunch with plenty of food, wine and endorphins!

Thank you so much Mistress Switch for organising yet another senstional event that I was proud to be part of. You really are an asset to the scene as well as being a great friend.


TomT said...

Thanks for a brilliant description of what must have been an intense session.

The fascinating thing, from my all too safe distance, is that the spray birch looks so light and tame!

I'm really not suggesting any kind of a denial of your hands-on (i.e. buttocks-on) experience; I'm only pointing out that, as an implement, to a birch-virgin,it has a less than frightening appearance.

Maybe it's something to do with the innocent sauna type birch associations? Maybe it's because the descriptions of the Manx birch I've hoovered up over the years suggest that is truly a demon.

Anyhoo, thanks for sharing and I really will try to see if I can summon up a little sympathy for your suffering sit-upon...but I'm struggling - sorry!


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Glad you enjoyed it Tom! I certainly enjoyed (most) of the treatment....!!


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