Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sexy thought for the day

I hope to feature this regularly.  This is a thought (or fantasy to be honest) that kept floating through my (rather twisted and perverted) mind while I was completing my task list for the day:

The Man of the house has returned home to find me relaxing on the sofa (probably with New Scientist knowing me!).  The house is clean, dinner is cooked, but I have not done the ironing.  Major error.  Not pleased with my idle behaviour he fetches the ironing board and iron, finds a length of chain and locks me down to the ironing board.  My bottom is bared and he removes his belt, before taking it to me until I apologize and promise to complete the task as quickly as possible.  He leaves my bottom on display and sits with me supervising my work, ready to apply the belt further if it does not meet his exacting standards.  Nervous, I iron as deftly as i can, not wanting speed to lower the quality of my work.  When I am finished he bends me over the ironing board, orders me to "present it".  I obey....

I hope you enjoyed this, please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

Woman impaled on ironing board (installation)  Art Rotterdam 2010


TomT said...

Not just me who thinks ironing boards, like Black & Decker Workmates, are primarily designed for kink then?

Oh, and shouldn't ironing boards be sold on 'Buy one get a French maid's outfit free' offer?

Zille Defeu said...

I think this is a great idea - I know *I'll* enjoy reading the filthy perversions straight from your head, and I doubt I'm the only one!

This is a good start! It would be particularly frustrating (hus, hotter, of course!) for me because I'm really nervous with an iron, always sure I'm going to burn myself. So I'd be sloooowly going over each sleeve 10 times, and would probably get added lashes for taking too long!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Tom - I agree, though I have a particular thing for doing ironing naked, save for a pair of patent high heels ;-)

Zille - Why thank you! I hear you with burning yourself with an iron, I did it years ago in a scene with The Boss while I was manacled, but have since learned how to accommodate restraint at the board!!! And yes you earn extra for taking too long. Your poor bottom!!


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