Monday, 13 September 2010

Shadow Lane 2010 part 2

Ok folks time for the second marathon post on my Vegas adventure.  Here goes:

Saturday:  Naturally my day began with a morning by the pool.  I may not see any more sunlight for 12 months so now is the time to absorb.  It is also a good place to hang out with fellow spanko's and chat about upcoming events and suite parties.  Having shot with Strictly Spanking the day before, I simply HAD to visit their suite party and have some fun, so I did.  I think I managed a record 10 minutes at the party before getting myself into trouble and earning a spanking from non other than Danny Crighton!  My bottom was still sore from spankings received on Friday so naturally I was wriggling out of his grasp within a few slaps.  But to no avail.  I had a good spanking from him and was once more unable to sit comfortably.  Oh the joy!  After the party it was time for more pool time with Paul, Lucy and the Ninja before having yet another cocktail competition with the Evil One.  He won this one (his was food and even had crushed biscuit in it - how could I match that?!), though I still have pride in my electric blue margarita!  The day had passed swiftly and it was already time to prepare for the ball.  I had my 50's polka dot dress already and the Evil One had a very sexy 3 piece suit to wear (insert naughty thoughts here).  We made a (less embarrassing) late entrance and had a good evening of socializing before retiring to Lucy and Paul's suite for a party.  Being the pervert I am for women I tried to sit myself as close to Zille as possible and where I could not manage this I cursed forgetting my glasses (!).  The Evil One had not touched my bottom all evening, which made me nervous.  Naturally this did not last forever and I was spanked with increasing ferocity until my bottom was no longer able to perform its original use:  sitting.  BUT it was not over yet.  I was ordered to fetch a cane and offer my bottom to Zille for the stick (at this point my stomach lurched - clearly He had noticed me eying up the Lady.  I am not known for subtlety!), however she sadly could not oblige as she felt she would not be good enough *Sob* - (though I could understand, it was in public and if I was new to Domming I would have demurred too, for the safety of the bottom), BUT Mr Defeu came to the rescue and caned me instead, and boy it hurt!  Clearly happy with my reactions to those strokes Mr Evil found a dragon and administered 8 strokes with that right in my crease before giving the final 4 to the man I did not know who owned the cane.  That really did show me who was in charge.  Nothing like being passed over to someone at command!!  Tiredness eventually took us, however and we fell in to bed not long after play was over.

Sunday:  Today was rest day and a day with Mr Evil.  We went along the strip and I was settled in the Tropicana pool while he went off.  I also went off.  To sleep.  I had clearly had not nearly enough even for me.  I fell asleep by a pool filled with people with music blaring out.  I am an insomniac.  Ah well.  The evening was spend getting tipsy and learning about roulette (I know.  Very valuable information!!), before a late dinner and happy times with friends.  I last night of kinky fun was had before sleep (yes I know, I am not skilled in this department.  I have been told sleeping with me is like being in bed with a rotisserie chicken!).

Monday:  The day we fly back.  I would have clung on to the doorframe of my hotel room, but I had an accident with my fingers and a door earlier in the year so doors still both scare and confound me (sometimes opening them seems beyond me, despite my education!), so I left peacefully.  

It was a fantastic trip where I hung out with UK friends, caught up with US friends and made new friends.  I so wish I could do it all again :-)    

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Malc said...

Thank you for your remark: I found caning you, in that position, very satisfactory, and to hear you confirm that you felt my attentions (i.e. it hurt) is very... pleasant.

Of course, the exercise of swinging a cane appeals to the fetishist in me, but knowing that it hurt you noticeably pleases my inner (and outer) sadist.



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