Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Finishing School Part 1

Well, I have just returned from what was the most memorable and exciting CP role-play I have ever done.  I still cannot believe quite how fantastic it was, neither can I thank the organizers enough for doing it and having me there.  I want to try and give you as much detail as to what happened so be patient with the length of each post.  I shall begin presently:


I arrived at Glasgow Central station about 4pm, met up with the other girls traveling by train and waited to be picked up, thinking this would be a casual affair due to the weather and our relative distances travelled.  How wrong could we be!  We were picked up by a strict looking young woman, Miss Hammond Grant  (Amy Hunter), who marched us out of the station (I really hope no one thought this was too odd!) to a bus awaiting our arrival.  The bus driver was introduced to us as Parker.  We loaded ourselves onto the bus and  were given a lecture on how to behave on the bus by Parker before setting off.  The journey was long so naturally we chattered amongst ourselves, the chatter being various levels of appropriate (I am still not sure how we came up with talking about ferrets and trousers or why we thought it a good idea to reveal our sexual proclivities, but we did).  We arrived at the castle (a beautiful but slightly intimidating building), and formed an orderly queue outside the front door with our luggage.  At this point I could not help but think of the film Wheatley Manor.  It began in a similar fashion!  We were led in and given a welcome lecture, which included the rules.  I was shocked to hear the girls could not smoke and due to a mixture of tiredness and panic I asked a rather stupid question, to which I received a well-deserved acerbic response!  Meeting over, we were all given a tour of the castle by Mrs Darling (Lucy McLean), Zille and I being first.  When Mrs Darling had disappeared with another set of girls I decided to take the opportunity to have a sneaky cigarette.  I asked Parker how to open the front doors and he obliged me, however he did decide to report my actions to Miss Hammond-Grant who came out to see me with a hairbrush, while Parker prepared the bus for the second pick-up.  on seeing me smoking, she had me bent over, coat up to receive 6 with the hairbrush over my jeans.  It hurt, but was even more embarrassing to have such a punishment administered in front of Parker whom I did not know (though I did not know the full story on Parker, or his scene experience!).  I returned inside to settle in to my beautiful room, complete with four poster bed.  I have never slept in one of these before so I was rather excited, too excited in fact!  After son down time we had our single talk of the evening on make-up, which due to my long-term friendship with Lucy, I felt I was quite the expert on such matters.  However, we can always learn more and I did, particularly on artistry of eye-shadow.  By the end of the lecture I think students and teachers are ready to go to bed so we separate off, with EJ passing round our special panties for morning assembly.  For which you will have to wait until tomorrow...

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