Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Finishing school part 2

My roommate and I were up with the lark and we both put on our uniforms, together with hair and make-up.  Pleased with our progress we headed down to breakfast and met up with the other girls.  At 10am we had assembly, where I was horrified to discover there was a school hymn and we were ALL to sing it.  I attempted miming through the words (I hate singing, due to an irrational belief I sound like a wolf in pain), however Mrs Darling noticed and requested I join in.  Fearing the tawse on the table I did my best to at least look like I was singing like the others.  Before our classes began Mrs Darling and Miss Hammond Grant dealt with our behaviour previous to the beginning of term.  All of us received a punishment, mine being for the most inappropriate tweeting activity.  All our punishments were carried out individually in front of our fellow pupils.  Not knowing some of them well made this a more humiliating act than I expected.  Cue two sets of rosy cheeks!  Of course nothing is lost on our teachers and a panty inspection followed, resulting in us displaying matching 'little miss trouble' knickers.  Needless to say a punishment followed, which was a rather painful high-speed paddling down the line of girls, while we held up our skirts.

Our first class was deportment, which went largely without punishment, however my '1000 mile stare' was commented on, suggesting it may scare off prospective bachelors.  who knew?!  Our second class was music, which I was dreading.  I love music, but only listening or dancing to it.  This was to be singing, my irrational fear.  However, I quickly remembered how to read music and was soon singing along with the others and enjoying myself.  However, it was not long before mine and J's mouths were running away with us and we ended up bent over with panties down for further punishment.  I had only been here a few hours and already I feared I was bottom of the class, certainly for punishments awarded. Here I must thank Miss Hammond-Grant for gently and very quietly building my confidence in this class.  

Our music class finished before baking class so I took the opportunity to slip out for a smoke.  I slipped past Mrs Darling, trying to be as invisible as possible and snuck out the back door for my precious smoke.  I then attempted to slip past once again, and was almost successful, and with one hand on the door handle I breathed a sigh of relief.  I thought I had got away with it until I heard the sharp words of Mrs Darling, "Miss Woods stay where you are".  Mrs Darling had me raise my skirt for 6 sharp whacks with the wooden spoon.  I hate wood so it was a painful reminder!  Lunch was prepared and we all sat to enjoy, but as you can imagine it was not without events.  Both EJ and I ended up in the corner following further punishment with our skirts raised.  I also ended up with a spanked tail for snorting with laughter whilst in said corner.  I really must learn to tame my behaviour!

After lunch our class was to take cocktail making.  I ended up with the easiest cocktail by chance, but still managed to fail at it, partially because as a chemist I took the measurements literally rather than adding any artistic skill to it.  I was spanked by Mrs Darling for such failure especially as I am a chemist. The rest of the lesson passed relatively smoothly and we were dismissed for a teabreak.

After tea (and another cheeky smoke, probably caught out for)  we were to take part in flower arranging with Mrs Darling.  Of course I ended up racking up a punishment, this time for suggesting to J that we should learn to swear quietly.  Sadly, I should also learn to converse quietly as Mrs Darling heard me and had me bent over inside.  EJ received a punishment for making use of the trampoline.  Oops!

Before long time was running away with us and it was time to think about the dinner, which would total 22 covers.  CT and others were in charge of the starter and I was co-ordinating the main due to previous experience with catering at mass level.  We organised the food, wrote a list of the timings and dashed off to get ready.  I ran upstairs, did my hair make-up and changed into my dress in about 10 minutes.  I returned to the ground floor, where we were lined up for a formal meet and greet with our gentlemen guests.  Following that I dashed back to the kitchen to begin the cooking and help CT co-ordinate the starters.  Given they were cold we decided to have them ready on the table before dinner was announced.  This also worked practically as the kitchen was small and I had one oven to cook for 22.  HELP!  Amusingly, Mrs Darling popped in to check how I was doing.  It may have been the look of pure mania on my face, or the speed with which I was doing laps of the kitchen, but she actually ORDERED me to go and smoke.  I did not refuse as this would be my first cigarette to go unpunished in 24 hours.  Dinner went out smoothly, my only disappointment being I could not warm the plates due to lack of room in the one oven.  I finally sat for dinner and was barely though my main before I ended up in the corner for poor language in front of the guests.  Given the number of people there I truly was quite ashamed.  I was most relieved to be released after what seemed like an age.  I thought it could not get any worse, but it did.  Further mischief on my part ended up in my being sent to the end of the table for all the guests to see.  I was instructed to face the wall by Miss Hammond-Grant and she had EJ hold up my dress.  There was a gasp of shock as my complete lack of underwear was revealed.  I was lectured by both tutors before being given several strokes of the tawse on my bottom and four strokes on my hand by Miss Hammond-Grant.  Despite being in pain I answered back during my lecture and earned a caning from Mrs Darling to boot.  The shame was quite awful as despite spending any time in the dining room I had got myself into more trouble than the other girls.  

After dinner us ladies were to give some entertainment.  Some girls read some prose, and did so beautifully and our group was to sing.  Given my new found confidence I hoped I could manage it, however I failed due to minor distractions in the audience and barely made it through without wanting to break down in tears.  I took a five minute break to compose myself and then managed to sing the second song without incident.  I thank both Mrs Darling for her quick chat with me and Miss Hammond-Grant for urging me on and feeding me with confidence.  

After the entertainment the drinks flowed and so did the punishments.  I think we all received further punishments for one infraction or another.  While the atmosphere seemed relaxed I took the opportunity to slip off with Zille.  We had spectacular girlie fun and were both pleased as punch to have got away with it, or so we thought.  When I returned to the dining room one of the girls pointed out my love-bite.  Oh dear.  With short hair I would never cover it.  I went out for s smoke to think on what to do, when I encountered both Mrs Darling and Miss Hammond-Grant.  I must have looked ultra guilty or worried as Mrs Darling, genuinely concerned stopped me to ask if I was alright.  I said I was and tried to ease my way past them as quickly as possible.  Suspicious both tutors took a closer look and of course noticed the love bite.  Oh dear.  Groundhog day.  I was in trouble.  Again.  Finally I was released with a promise that I would be dealt with in assembly for such an infraction.

It was getting late and it was time for bed.  A curfew had been set so I did my best to make it.  CT paid me a visit as I was getting ready for bed and told me of the arrangements for breakfast the following morning.  Due to alcohol it was not long before we were chilling out on my bed chatting away after curfew.  Without warning Mrs Darling and Miss Hammond-Grant enter the room and give us both a telling off for being out of bed.  Another punishment racked up.  I am not doing well.  I tucked myself into bed and drifted off to sleep with the phrase "Miss Woods, once again you have let us down."  echoing within my head.  I slept well.  Never have I slept better!  Finishing School Sunday Tomorrow folks...

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