Saturday, 8 January 2011

New year and my very own hazing experience!

Hello folks.  I have had a new experience for 2011.  While I have experienced wooden paddles before, I have never experienced a sorority paddle.  A sorority paddle may be used in American universities as an initiation or hazing ritual.  Hazing has long been used in sports and fraternity clubs as an entry requirement.  In most cases it is just harmless fun and the 'entrant' survives the experience while bonding with the existing members, but of course like most such things, some people push it too far   

Recently, I received 12 strokes full force from cold with one such paddle, and it HURT!  I think this paddle might have to go on the list of top five implements I hate!  My bottom felt like it was aflame, and I am sure an egg could have been cooked on it once my sentence had been completed!  A picture was taken and I have never seen it so red!  Sadly, I am unable to publish it, I do apologize folks.  Not only that, I ended up with marks, and these marks lasted for more than a few hours!  It has been a while since I have suffered an uncomfortable journey home after a punishment, and I could not stop smiling to myself!  Others on the train must have wondered what was so amusing!

Now while, this was not a traditional hazing ceremony, I did feel I had to pass the test, for if I had not coped I would have somehow felt that I had failed.  Why you ask?  I cannot say, I guess the human mind can be complex at times!  


Brett said...

I don't know why you felt you had to pass a test, but if you were being punished, I'm impressed with 12 full-force-from-cold swats with a sorority-type paddle. That would be, IMO, over-the-top as a hazing. It is significant punishment if the paddling was given as a penalty. I don't doubt you were sitting uncomfortably on the train home, and that is so cool that you were smiling about it.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Ah, it is personal within me, but I passed nonetheless! And I LOVED it!


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