Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New spanking magazine

Yes folks there is a new spanking magazine out!  It looks rather good, and I have just read the first edition! The magazine is 98 pages long and is in a convenient A5 format.  At £7 it is reasonably priced as well!  Features in the first publication are:  Spanking news, an interview with Leia-Ann Woods (yes, me again, sorry folks!), news from Ian of the London Tanners, a web review of Spank My Bottom, a DVD review of Miss Brown's Detention, Britain's most spankable bottoms, spanking in uniform:  The school girl, information on Miss Brown's parties, a picture review of Northern Spanking's The girl next door, spanking story taking stock, girls behaving badly and here come the girls (spanking adverts).  As you can see the magazine is packed full with all things spanking!  To find out more about this exciting new addition to the spanking scene go to this website:

I hope you enjoy it and maybe some of you will be able to contribute in one form or another!  That's all folks!


Underling said...

Hello Leia-Ann - well, isn't this a funny coincidence. In my last post I was just bemoaning the demise of the spanking magazine, and suggesting that with the rise of the internet there probably wouldn't be any new ones appearing in future. And then you bring us news of exactly that!

I'm delighted to be proved wrong, and wish this one every success :). And thank you for the heads-up!

MarQe said...

Happy Valentine's Leia ... hope you had a nice one ! MarQe xx

Unknown said...

I wanted to tell you two things: Your short hair looks very pretty and please work with Clare Fonda and her crew again soon.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Underling - I do hope if you read the magazine that you enjoy it. I have read the first issue and I believe that it has something for everyone in it.

Marqe - I did thank you!

Jefferson - I am glad you like it! I felt it was time for a change of image! I will try but not sure when I am next in the US. I do love doing scenes with her so am hoping it won't be long.


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