Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bottoms Up launch party!

Hello folks, my apologies for the absence, this really has been quite a busy month for me in my other world.  Anyway, it has finally calmed down now so here I will take the opportunity to tell you about my launch party at Bottoms Up, in a fabulous venue in Vauxhall.  For the party I was proud to have Ellen May Davis, Aleesha Fox, Nikita Rafael, Jadie Reece and of course myself.  

After a champagne reception, I was called up for a cold caning, where each gentleman gave me 6 of the best for being so very naughty!  After a short break the gentlemen each saw the ladies present for a mini 1-2-1 session where the ladies were spanked and an implement was applied to their bottoms.  Well deserved me thinks!  A lovely buffet was served before the other girls were to be given the cane for their part in the naughty goings on leading up the the event!  All in all I was pleased with how it went.  This is the first time I have run an event, so I was very nervous about it all.  Here is what some of the gentlemen had to say:

Hi Leia, just to say thank you for Friday.  It was a great party with a good venue, lovely food, great company and beautiful girls.  

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to arrange what turned out to be a most memorable and enjoyable party on Friday.  Without doubt, it was the best party I have EVER attended.  

Dear Leia.  Thank you for hosting a super party on Friday.  I hope it is the forerunner of many more.  I am absolutely delighted that I was able ti meet some of London's Greatest CP devotees.

The next party will be on 5th August, where the theme will be debutantes, with all ladies in evening gowns.  For more information and to see pictures of the party last Friday do go along and visit:

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