Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A dose of the Manx birch

Yesterday was judicial day.  I, Mrs Woods (yes the Bars and Stripes prisoner from hell!) had been sentenced for drunk and disorderly and assaulting a police officer (moi?!).  Like the other ladies, C, Jadie and Ellen May, I was sentenced to 18 strokes of the Manx birch.  Inside I was very nervous but was determined not to show my fear.  As it was this was made easier as we were hooded for most of the experience.  

we were processed in Central London and then bundled into a people carrier, which took us to the depths of the Kent countryside.  We were forced to pee in the bushes before being forced to the ground in what can only be described as a really uncomfortable position.  We seemed to be there for an age so I began taunting the male officer guarding us, moving around, deliberately disregarding his orders.  I could hear the frustration in his voice, but I continued.  They were keeping us waiting, and Mrs Woods does not like that, she does not like that at all!  Finally I lost the will to live and got up from my position.  I saw through the hood another male officer approach me, and shouted "fuck you and the horse you rode in on".  Miss (Amy) Hunter came over to set me straight, which I did eventually after tossing her a "fuck you too".  I am sad to say it was not much of a victory.  I was back in position.  

Finally, we were moved and I continued my streamed of bitching.  It seemed to amuse one guard, but irritated most, which is just what I wanted.  

we were called up one by one, C being first.  She broke down in tears almost immediately and knowing her as I do I was disturbed.  How painful is this?  She is normally so quiet...

At this point I had a major panic and broke down quietly myself, but this did not last long; by the time it was my turn I had regained my composure and was ready to face them.  The judge passed his recommendations stating that I had been particularly disruptive.  Good, something had worked then!  But I still had 18 searing strokes of the birch to come.  Cuffed and then restrained over a punishment frame, I took some very deep breaths.  Let's do this.  The strokes came in, the first hitting me right on my crease, I wailed quite desperately and when the third did the same I threatened to wrap the birch round the officer's neck if he did not stop hitting me there.  Quite how I was going to manage that bent over and restrained is anyone's guess, but hey ho!  As each stroke came in the pain across my bottom increased.  It was becoming unbearable at stroke 14, where I was reduced to screeching "Aiiiyah!"  Not the tough lady I had hoped, but at least I held back the tears.  It is the little victories that count.  Finally the last stroke came in, it bloody hurt but I had managed it and the endorphins flooded my brain sending me to a fantastic place, the one you can only get to when doing something like this.  I was released, turned round and faced the officer I had been taunting earlier.  He said "Not quite the madam now are we?" My response? "And all that jazz", complete with wink at him!  Never let them see you crumble.

Amy said today that she had hoped we would kick off more.  I did want to, but the others were so quiet I was loathe to go too far.  There is always a danger that if you are the only person kicking off then you will get too much of the attention and leave the others in the group not getting enough.  It is, in my opinion, important to think of the group and those with whom you are playing (particularly your fellow subs, screw the Doms ;-)) you don't want to be an attention grabber and ruin the day for others.  I think if we were to do something similar (and we probably will) I would probably arrange with the others for us ALL to do something in the form of our own characters.  That way we are organised against them and no one person is stealing the limelight in a group scene.

Thanks be to those who arranged this.  I am as usual grateful to be involved!


MarQe said...

Wow !! I'm lost for wordS1

MQ x

Leia-Ann Woods said...

That is unusual for you ;-)

Pandora Blake said...

Great post! Felt like I was right there alongside you. I hear what you are saying about the complex dynamics of resistance when there's a group of you in a scene. Did you get any extra punishment for the disruption? I know if I was sentenced to 18 with the manx birch I wouldn't want to risk it being increased!

Love the image of Amy wrestling you back into position. That one's going to stay with me I think ;)

david brown said...

For those who only get punished at cost every few months the advantage of the cane is that it can leave marks ,so lomg as thats not domestic problem, for a few weeks. My one encounter with the Manx birch did not.

david brown said...

ps just a plug for my own blog-its not cp or pc or commercial.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Pandora - so pleased you enjoyed it! Yes, it was quite a scene, and I have never felt so nervous before experiencing an implement!

David - Indeed I recovered overnight from the Manx, and my bottom showed no ill effects from my punishment 24 hours after the event.


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