Saturday, 16 July 2011

Group scenes

Hello folks, as usual I will begin by apologizing for my absence.  This post has evolved from my previous one, probably as a result of endless analysis during one of many sleepless nights I endure!  Playing kinky games in a group can be particularly enjoyable, but on thinking about it, it can be more complex than we think:

First of all is it better to know your group or would it be preferable for the other members of the group to be complete strangers?  In my opinion there is no fixed answer to this, it depends on what the scene involves and is subjective.  From my point of view I love doing public CP scenes with other ‘victims’ and an audience.   It is a sharing experience both before the scene, during the psychological build up and after when the group may discuss how they felt during the punishment itself.  Am I happy to do that type of scene in front of people I know?  Indeed as it has a degree of mild humiliation, but nothing further than being stripped, and seeing as I am a person who is comfortable naked there is nothing for me to worry about on the humiliation front.  But what about something more deeply humiliating such as a scene where I am in a pillory, having old food thrown at me and cannot escape the wandering hands of the audience?  Would I be able to do this with people I know?  Yes, but it would be that much more difficult than if the audience were complete strangers.  I find it difficult to face my friends after a scene of public humiliation, but with strangers I am unlikely to see them again so do not have to worry about what they might think of me.

Secondly, how should you play things?  If you have a character how would he/she react in the situation the scene has placed her in?  I touched on this in my previous post, but it is still something that is quite tough.  During the recent Manx scene I was lucky to be part of I had decided to reprise the role of the infamous Mrs Woods (Top Dog of Bars and Stripes prison), a lady who is tough, speaks her mind and will fight authority whatever the cost.  In the end I chose a toned down version of this character and played her?  Why?  Because the other victims were so quiet!  In this situation a highly dominant character is likely to pull all the attention their way, leaving the others out in the cold.  This is not good for a group scene I feel. 

Thirdly, if you are the dominant in the group scene (possibly the sole one, I have been in this situation), such as a teacher for a class of pupils, how do you ensure everyone gets something out of the day?  The confident characters are relatively easy as long as you keep them in control and do not let them take over the class.  These characters are the ones you can bounce off and can easily dole out punishments for infractions because they know how to get into trouble (I do similar as a sub!), but what about the quiet class members?  They may not get into trouble so easily so how do you draw them out of themselves and ensure they get the most out of the scene?  These characters can be the toughest of all and can be quite tiring at times, especially if you are a dominant who likes to make sure everyone gets a fair share of your attention.  I like to try and draw these people out, but avoid public humiliation with them and ensure I take some time with them during every class of the day.  Being the dominant in a group scene is, in my opinion, the toughest of all!

So, there it is.  My take on group scenes, if you have an opinion on this topic then please do leave a comment for me!


MarQe said...

I simply want one of my spankees present to see me being punished by one of my Headmistresses ? The smallest of groups ?

Stan/E. said...

Interesting post, indeed. Your opinion will surely interst french people, would you mind if I ask you a few questions for my own blog in France ?

Regards from Paris

Leia-Ann Woods said...

MarQe - Yes, that is a group, so a dynamic should and most probably will evolve.

Stan - Yes you would be most welcome to ask me some questions. my mail address is

Anonymous said...

Great question Leia. I have participated in several group scenes; they were very intense and memorable. One scene is described in the blog Mischief Managed in the post Part 3 of a Spanking Weekend. The next Spanking Weekend is in two months and I expect to engage in some more mischief and group punishment.
In my opinion, it is very important that the Tops understand the headspace and limits of all of the "victims." Is the group spanking performed with an audience, on the bare or not, with wood or leather,etc. What are the safe words? Because the group scenes are much more intense than a one on one scene conducted in a private setting, all of these factors are critical.
I prefer to play in a group with more experienced people that I know. I once participated in a group with a player that had an "emotional melt down." The scene overwhelmed this person, but not in a carthartic manner. The scene ended and it was dreadful to watch this mature lady sobbing uncontrollbly.
Thank you Leia.

Erik said...

Dear Leia in "Finishing school part 2" you wrote "Not knowing some of them well made this a more humiliation act than I expected". Have I misunderstand something. As usual I love to read your wise comments

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Joeyred - Indeed it is vital for the top to understand the headspace of the sub, just as it is the duty of the sub to be honest with the top when they are asked about what they can and cannot cope with.

Erik - I am not sure to what you refer my lovely, what section of the post do you refer? I cannot tell from the breif quote you give.

Anonymous said...

Leia-Ann Woods.
Yes. The sub must be honest with the Top, and respect the Top at all times during a group scene.

Erik said...

Dear Leia,
Sorry for being not more accurate.
It is In Finishing School Part 2. Line 12, and in part 1 , Friday: line 10 you wrote:"It hurt, but was even more embarrassing to have such a punishment in front of Parker whom I did not know"
Maybe it is a misunderstanding, but I love all what you wrote and really want to understand it. I am looking forward to read your new contribution and I assure you I won´t take your time often with maybe stupid contributions

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Erik - what I meant there was how I actually felt about an act of CP. What I was talking here was of a theoretical scene, involving much humiliation, maybe even sexual humiliation, where I would struggle to have people see me like that as I would have to face them again. Hope this helps.

Joeyred - yes indeed an honesty between all parties involved is most essential.

Erik said...

Dear Leia,
Thanks for answering. I understand, of course humiliation has many forms. I did not think about for instance sexual humiliation.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Erik - Not at all. I think different people react in different ways to humiliation, no matter in what form it comes in.


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