Monday, 25 July 2011

Joint sessions with Miss Amy Hunter

Hello folks, yes the title is true:  Miss Amy Hunter and I are teaming up to offer joint sessions, Miss Hunter as a Domme and myself as either Leia-Ann (sub) or Dr Woods (Domme)!  

You could be punished alongside myself at the hands of Miss Hunter, who is fierce both in tongue and in her disciplinary skills, and believe me I have been on the receiving end of Miss Hunter in her most 'evil' form!  OR if you really feel daring as a sub yourself you may wish to see the both of us in a double Domme session...if you dare!

For more information do contact us at:
Miss Hunter: OR 07971114912
Leia/Dr Woods at: 07595738626

We look forward to hearing from you....!


hallamc said...

Being dominated by two beautiful but strict mistresses sounds incredible, but I don't know whether I could handle you both at once! First of all I'll have to find out whether I can handle you one at a time.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

LOL! You would be most welcome!


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