Monday, 8 August 2011

Bottoms Up spanking - my second event!

Hello folks!  I plan to shock you with regular posts for a while as I have a flurry (McFlurry?!) of scene topics to talk about all of a sudden and today I want to talk about my second party at Bottoms Up.  The ladies present were Miss Leia-Ann Woods, Miss Sam Johnson, Miss Aleesha Fox, Miss Amber, Miss Chloe and Miss Madeleine.  The gentlemen were greeted with a glass of champagne and introduced to each of the ladies.

The ladies were debutantes, invited to a high class event, but all had not gone well.   The ladies had like anything but and Miss Leia-Ann Woods had mooned at the Duke, making him choke on his cigar!  This behaviour had to be nipped in the bud immediately.  Miss Woods was given a cold caning from each of the gentlemen in front of everyone as a humiliating reminder of what happens when you misbehave in such a manner.  Once Leia's ordeal was over the ladies were to see each of the gentlemen listed on their dance card for a private mini session, where they could expect to be spanked and paddled for their poor behaviour.  After a break for refreshment it was time for each lady to face the cane, again seeing each gentleman on their dance card for six of the best.

A couple of gentlemen wished to experience the sensation of punishment themselves and received a dose of it from the lady of their choice.  The gentlemen all enjoyed themselves and so did the ladies, for which I was very pleased.  It is always worrying when you are new to arranging such things and I do want everyone, both gentlemen and ladies, to enjoy their day with me.  I think I achieve that.

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