Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holiday time and Northern Spanking update!

Hey folks, I do apologise for my lack of posts, I have been away on a shoot with the good people of Northern Spanking, and then came down with a cold/chill/bug, which was totally self-inflicted so please, no sympathy folks! 

In other news, I am way to San Francisco and Las Vegas for a much deserved holiday!  Yes, before you ask I shall be visiting Alcatraz, and yes there will be pictures of me 'inside'!!!!  I am so very excited I could scream.  Hurrah!

While I am away, do check out the good people of Northern Spanking, who have two films starring yours truly going up on their site presently.  The first is a fantasy of mine, which goes like this:

Leia-Ann came to us with a soft spot for submitting to a women but wanted to try a scenario where the bottom manipulated the top. So in the delightful extravaganza, Leia-Ann plays a secretary who has deliberately been messing up to get the attention of her sexy boss... Yummy!

YES!  The resident lesbian does it again!  And of course I would not leave you hanging without a caning pic....

Also running on Northern Spanking is a great Celtic Corections film called Girls Will be Boys.  This film was SO much fun to film, not least because I got the chance to gender-bend, which was really quite hot, despite me being very nervous about the experience before we began the film.   This is pretty much the hottest school film I have ever done, mainly because it was so original.  The story goes as follows:

Charlie and Leo have been bullying new girl Alice into doing rude things that she doesn't want to do for their entertainment. Ruled by hormones like most teenage boys, they are easy to manipulate. Head Girl Aleesha takes it upon herself to punish Alice for her stupidity and also to teach her how easy it is to control the boys. All is going well for the girls, until the Headmaster catches them all in the common room up to no good...

And of course there is always one more picture...

Enjoy folks!  and don't forget to go to Northern Spanking to see more!


Erik said...

Yes go there. A movie with Leia is always fantastic, she is beautiful, sexy and is a great performer even as a top. I have not seen the last one mentioned, but "Girls will be boys" is wonderful.Looking forward to see the mentioned movie and you gender-bend,lol
I have been at Alcatraz, but it is not like "Bars and Stripes", unfortunately. Do hope they let you out.

Kaelah said...

That's really funny, Leia-Ann, Ludwig and I just took pictures inside Alcatraz and then I read your post! I hope you got your tickets early enough, the tour to Alcatraz seems to be very popular. It's very difficult to shoot any kinky pictures, given the number of people who are visiting the prison. But I'm sure that you'll find a way, just like we did! ;-)

I hope to see you in Las Vegas! :-)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Erik - Thank you my lovely, I had a fantastic time!

Kaelah - It was a great tour, you must try it! Was good to see you and Ludwig at Shadow Lane

Kaelah said...

Leia-Ann, Ludwig and I had already done the tour when I saw your post! The tour was really very interesting.

It was lovely to see you at SL, it just was a pity that we didn't find the time for a longer chat with you. Maybe the next time somewhere in the UK... :-)


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