Thursday, 3 November 2011

The scene: passion or money?

Hello folks, sorry it is another rant, but this I cannot ignore.  I was reading a forum the other day and it was indicated that there should be a 'happy ending' to a session, and those ladies that did not provide that should not ask for a tribute that compares to those that do.  There are so many reasons why this is a terrible thing to be putting online (not least because those girls new to the scene might think this is the only way to 'get on'), largely because it is not what scene is about.  Funnily enough I see this logic to be flawed in so many ways, and here is why:

1.  In my real world I am a consultant on a specific subject, people pay me to give them expert advice based on that knowledge.  My rate as a consultant is no less because I can only give expert advice on chemical issues and if asked about issues I cannot answer I should not be asked to charge less because I cannot offer that advice, however I should be able to charge the correct fee on what my knowledge is.  And so I do.  No one questions that.

2.  I go to a local butcher in London and order my meat for the week.  He is considerably more than the local supermarket, but he is a specialist in butchery.  If I ask him for vegetables to match my meat, he won't be able to help me, so do I ask for him to give me my meat at a discount price because he cannot offer me veg to match my meat?  No of course not, because he specialises in what he does and the meat tastes sublime.  I could go to a supermarket and get all I need, but I prefer to get the best of everything!

To me a session is about a mutual agreement and is all about the play between top and bottom.  I play many enjoyable scenes in a session and hope to continue to do so, and the money is not everything, it never has been.  I do this because I have a passion for it, just like my PhD.  Nobody asked me about why I took my annual stipend for doing my research, I just did, but it did not diminish my passion for my research.  So why ask the girls about their fee?  It is no different in my opinion.   I had a passion for my research just as I do scene.  It is just as shame we have to defend that at times.

Sorry about the rant...I hope you readers understand...and what do you think about this?


Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with you on this one Leia. The tribute should be paid with no stipulations of satisfaction. If someone is not happy, they can move on to someone else in the future after they have paid.

I would never dream of not paying my massage therapist if I was unhappy with the results. That same logic applies in this case.

Passion or money? Why not both. You should be respected and also satisfied as a provider of a service. And, paid as well.

Ernest said...

Dear Leia,

What you say is entirely reasonable. So long as people know what they're going to get, they have no reason to complain.

It's also worth saying that 'service providers' who do it only for the money will soon find that they are not so popular. You can't fake that enthusiasm! (Quite apart from the fact that at the sub end you'd have to be pretty desperate to do it if you _didn't_ enjoy it!)

And how do we who are willing to pay feel? The sums involved are not actually unreasonable when you think of the flexibility of time that you're paying for, as well as often significant outlay on plant and equipment. But the enthusiasm is something which cannot be bought - and is essential, in my view!

Mind you, I am very aware that people might want to do this who just cannot afford to pay very often - as indeed would have applied to me at one time. But I suppose that's part of economic life in any sphere.


Teacher Slayer said...

Damn, you're hot when you're angry!! ;)

Ursus Lewis said...

I agree, I cannot see why a spanking only session should not be worth to be paid for. If there is folks who are willing to pay and folks who are willing to provide the service, why shouldn't they do so.

I like your metaphor. I will ask my butcher next time why the heck he want to charge for the meat even while he cannot provide a matching vegetable. This is insane. Meat should always come with vegetable!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Thank you all for your comments, not only do they mean a lot but they have made me feel human again. Thank you!

Andy Mac said...
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Andy Mac said...

Totally up to the parties to agree on the terms of service upfront, surely? Never had the courage to do a 1-2-1 but my understanding is industry standard is it's a fixed price for a set amount of time. Unless a departure is agreed upfront, then I'd have thought the only circumstance in which the full fee wasn't payable was if exceptionally a sub was unable to deliver what they would regard as an acceptable service. I understand pain thresholds vary with mood, etc so guess there may be the odd occasion when a sub just has to stop short . . . but even then I'd say it's down to their personal integrity whether they chose to offer a discount (and we're only talking exceptional circs here, otherwise it would be a fairly short-lived occupation I presume!!)
Just playing devil's advocate for a moment, let's say the going rate was £200 an hour (no idea if this is right, but let's use it for illustration). Then I guess the parties could agree that if the client has enjoyed it at the end of the session he pays £300 and if he hasn't it goes down to £100, at his discretion. I suspect many subs would be nervous about such an approach but if you have good clients and are confident in the service you provide it's the sort of innovation a real-life service provider might consider. But again, only relevant if the parties agreed this upfront.
Having waffled for a while, in summary, basically I agree with your post lol.


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