Friday, 28 October 2011

Punished for 'witty' comments on AAA spanking!

Hello folks, just a quick update that I was alerted to by my good friend Pandora Blake, and it is on AAA spanking, a relatively new site that already has a lot of quality content on it...

Here is the story:  Near the end of this particular film shoot, Leia was reminded by John about the previous night's tweet on her Twitter account describing him as a "Cakeboy" friendly host had been a little too eager with the "All you can eat" option around the dessert area of the restaurant they had frequented. He didn't forget her half drunken tweet and brought it up in converstaion during the filmshoot and decided to use this as an excuse to give Leia another good OTK spanking and to test out a couple more of his newly acquired implements, especially a nasty double thick leather strap that hurt like hell and really didn't need much of a swing to grab any foolish tweeting madam writing "filthy lies" about their kind host's eaterie habits... (ok, maybe not all lies!) But John wasn't finished there as he gave her some additional punishing whacks with his dreaded bathbrush, which was not what Leia really wanted at the end of a full day's filming! This was an impromptu movie, these are often the best and this is one of John's favorites, we hope you like it too!

Now this was not lies folks, but very tongue in cheek!  It was not the amount of cake that John was going to eat, but the speed with which he rushed to the counter, sweat dripping from his face in fear of it closing that entertained me!  Never have I seen such dedication to cake!  Anyway it was all a bit of fun so we filmed my being punished for taking the piss!



Unknown said...

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Chief said...

Cakeboy had his fill! ;)

It was a fun film to make


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