Sunday, 18 December 2011

Pain thresholds

I often get asked "how hard can you take corporal punishment" or "how many strokes of the cane can you take?"  These questions are difficult to answer at best and impossible to answer at worst.  I think because a pain threshold is not static (mine certainly isn't), but varies depending on how well you feel physically, how much you gel with the person you are playing with and whether your threshold changes with the presence of a scenario.  

Here is my answer to "how hard can you take corporal punishment?"  Well, if I gel with you (and we gel with each other) then my threshold increases, which I know is probably unfair but is part of the human condition;  If you like a person you tend to open up to them more.  If I am run down or not feeling well (for instance if I have a cold), then obviously my threshold is not so good, as in this situation I really should be in bed not bent over desperately trying to concentrate on breathing whilst I am caned!  Finally, for me personally I prefer a scenario when I am to play with CP.  I need a reason for what is happening to me, generally not involving giving me a choice in the matter!  Without a scenario, I find I cannot take CP at the same level, as psychology is a big part of the play and is almost more important to me than the sensation of the CP itself.  I know that role-play is not the ONLY way to play but it is my preferred route, and I am sure I am not alone in this.  So, in summary to how hard can I take it?  I am afraid that is not an easy one word answer and it is also not an equation that can be solved by evaluating a set of variables.  The truth is, it depends on what I have written above and sometimes my threshold will not become apparent to me until I have begun playing a scene with someone.  I hear you, not exactly helpful!

To "how many strokes of the cane can you take?" I  must ask how anyone would think this is a question that can be answered easily.  It depends on what implement you wish to use (kooboo, dragon, Singapore?), as a Singapore cane will hurt me a great deal more than a kooboo will, and so I will be able to take more of the latter.  I also enjoy a slow, methodical caning more than one that is delivered at speed.  With a good, slow build up I can really go into sub space and enjoy many more cane strokes.  Finally, and quite obviously, it depends on how hard a dom(me) wishes to punish me.  If I am doing a judicial then I am unlikely to make it beyond 24 strokes, but at a light-medium level I can go to well over 100 strokes.  So, again, my answer to this question is, I really could not tell you!

Pain threshold has always interested me and the source of the variable nature of it is most fascinating.  I have given you my thoughts folks, so what about yours?  Does your pain threshold vary?  And if so how and why? 


Anonymous said...

Well said Leia. Pain threshold varies for me as well. I want to add that a good warm up will help improve the pain threshold for play.

Regarding the cane, there are so many variables to consider: size of cane, length of cane, the type of cane such as plastic vs ratan, and of course the speed and intensity of the swing. How many strokes depends on each of these factors.

Terrific topic Leia. Thank you.


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Joey - I am sure it does for most people, and yes there are so many variable involved when playing it is impossible to have pain threshold as the constant. I am glad you enjoyed reading it and had some thoughts on it!

Ursus Lewis said...

When I came out to the scene I bottomed a lot more than I do now. For me playing more often increased my pain tolerance a whole lot. Now, sometimes I feel like a wuss...

The play partner is also very important regarding to pain tolerance as you mentioned. It might be because I can relax more with closer friends and therefore able to take a harder spanking.

Anyway, as top it's very important to understand pain tolerance varies from day to day. You have to find out with every play how your bottom feels and be able to adopt.

Janna_Jools said...

Yes, and for all the reasons you mentioned.
Sometimes I'll be in the mood and for whatever reason my body won't cooperate, and what was brilliant last month is really hard to take today.
Plus, the desire for different types of pain (thuddy, stingy, sharp) change as well!

Kaelah said...

Again an intriguing topic, Leia-Ann!

My pain threshold definitely varies. It generally decreases when I'm tired, freezing or having a cold.

Cold, rapid spankings without breaks are much more difficult for me to take than those with a slower built-up. And thud is easier for me to take than sting.

If I am not in the right mood, scared because I'm not sure whether I can take what's about to come or panicking during a cold, fast spanking, my pain threshold decreases as well. Once I am in the right mood during a spanking and have the self-confidence that I can take it, my pain threshold increases.

Having people watching (or a camera running) usually increases my pain threshold as well, as long as I don't panick for any reason.

I have heard a lot about the effects of regular play (that it increases the pain threshold), but I haven't ever really experienced that myself, since Ludwig and I have never played on a regular basis.


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