Friday, 9 March 2012

Molly Malone at Northern Spanking!

Hello folks, I am back to my cheery self again and back with you in kink land.  today I am excited to announce Molly Malone now on Northern Spanking!  How do they keep finding all these sexy girls (well, technically I should know this, but hey ;-)).  Here is the synopsis below:

We are extremely blessed today in being able to introduce to you our latest recruit, the very lovely Molly Malone, who chose us with whom to make her internet spanking debut. A long-time friend of Zoe Montana, indeed recruited by her! Please give Molly a very warm welcome, you will be seeing much, much more of this young lady we promise! 

And here we see what happens when a pretty girl is minding her own business in the garden when Leia-Ann (Northern spanking's resident lesbian) is around! (It was freezing cold too!).

Enjoy sexy Molly at Northern Spanking now!  That is all folks, see you all on the other side of the weekend.  enjoy it!

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