Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New ladies at Bottoms Up 20th April

Hello folks, I want to update you on the ladies accompanying yours truly at the next Bottoms Up party on 20th April.  I am very excited to announce that 2 NEW LADIES will be at the next party.  Here is all about them:

Miss Angel:  She may be called Angel but do not believe all there is to a name! Angel is the definitions of a brat, she will draw you in with her sweet innocent looks but dont be fooled for she will likely try and get away with bloody murder!  This lady is an enthusiastic player and has a playful attitude to match. We are pleased to have her at Bottoms Up.

Miss Cindy Switch:  Cindy is fairly new to the scene but is really taking to it like a duck to water, possibly because she is too cheeky for words!  Cindy a blonde bombshell so I warn you not to be distracted by her looks and concentrate on that naughty bottom of hers! She's been a keen domestic and social CP and BDSM player mainly in a submissive role for about 5 years but is very new to the CP scene. she enjoys all kinds of role play.

The other ladies at the party are DANIELLE HUNT and JADIE REECE, who is running the marathon on the following weekend so come and give her your support.  More ladies will be announced as the party date looms!  To find out more go to www.bottomsupspanking.com or contact me at bottomsupspanking@hotmail.co.uk

That's all folks!



Is Ms Reece having a sponsored run? If so, which charity and where do we go to drop some dosh in the bucket? If it's just a run for herself, good luck to her anyway.


Leia-Ann Woods said...

She is running for the mental health charity MIND and will be at the next Bottoms Up party where you may donate, other than that I cannot be sure!


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