Sunday, 24 June 2012

Images I love

I know you may think this a cop out, but I have been doing very protracted posts of late and thought it was about time I posted some pictures I love.  If any of you like the ones I have posted or have others you like do leave a comment for me!

1:  The famous Elvis spanking.  Not only does the Man himself look rather hot in this picture but I simply love the expression on his victim's face.  

2.  This one is a real classic and I have always loved it.  The lady seems rather comfortable but what intrigues me is that the gentleman looks sad to be doling out this punishment.  Could it be he is disappointed with his wife's behaviour?

3.  And finally for today this one.  I love it because of the clear affection shown between the ladies involved in the spanking.  It shows that 'consensual' spanking scenes can be just as hot as non-consensual/consensual ones.

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