Thursday, 14 June 2012

Off to see the wizard

Hello folks, I do apologize for the lack of any posting here for a couple of weeks but I was busy last week with my other life (the geeky side!) and have been recovering from a chest infection that came on over the weekend, which meant I was pretty much out of action all week.  I went to the coast, which really seems to have helped.

It is the Bottoms up 1 year anniversary tomorrow so I look forward to that with the ladies, all of whom are stunning and beautiful in body and spirit!  I look forward to seeing those gentlemen that are coming and to those of you who aren't;  why not?!

I am sure I will be able to post something about the party and any other kinky activities I might get up to early next week.  Oh, and if you can't be good over the weekend, be kinky!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Ya I am kinky.......Want to have a kinky, slutty Cheap Phone Sex?


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